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Normal Price €15360 Full Mouth Dental Implants

Now only at £12500/€13260
  • 13 dental implants
  • Sinus lift and bone graft (on requirement)
  • Porcelain crown
  • Nurse on call and round the clock care
  • 5* hotel accommodation
  • All transfers to and from airport, hotel and dental clinic

Full mouth dental implants in Turkey

As the name implies, this is a premium quality implant treatment for your entire teeth. It will be much easier for you to bite like normal again. We offer full-mouth dental implant packages you should see.

Affordable premium quality full mouth dental implants in Turkey

Yes, only high-grade materials go into making our full-mouth dental implants, and they come with a lifetime warranty plus, the price is so moderate. Full mouth dental implants are used to replace the complete loss of upper and lower teeth and in cases where the entire teeth in the mouth are to be taken out.

Multiple lost teeth are easily replaced with this dental treatment. This way, you can achieve a straighter smile. Full mouth dental implants fuse with the bones of the jaw like real teeth and strengthen the bones.

This technique is a good alternative treatment that is used to bring back your normal bite and convenient smile.

At Smile Makeover Turkey, one of the best clinics in Turkey - a country famous for world-class dental and cosmetic procedures, we employ up-to-date technology and methods in full-mouth dental implant procedures. With this, we offer our patients a more natural, stable, bright and cosmetic smile and teeth. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today for a lifetime warranty, premium quality, and bio-compatible full arc restoration.

What are the benefits of full-mouth dental implants in Turkey?

  • Thanks to advanced 3D imaging tech, this treatment doesn't take much time to be designed with precision.
  • Should you have lost a tooth entirely or are wearing complete dentures, full arc restoration will return all your teeth back such that you'll feel they are surplus.
  • No special care or replacement is required with our full mouth dental implants because they will feel so natural you won't remember they are not real.
  • Your bite becomes very normal because the implants can withstand chewing pressure due to their high stability.
  • All those foods you couldn't eat previously would be easy to eat post full arc procedure.
  • Because of the protection this treatment offers to your jawbone; they will stay robust.
  • You won't experience the issue of cheek collapse and lip part that comes with prosthesis application.
  • Full arc restoration takes seamlessly to the mouth providing health and safety as they are purely made of titanium.
  • Post full mouth dental implants, your teeth will appear very natural and beautiful.
  • Nausea is not an issue you will face with full arc replacement, compared to some prostheses that are not of good quality.
  • This procedure is so comprehensive that it covers any loss of top or bottom teeth without stress.
  • These implants are long-lasting and give off the feel of having real teeth.

Turkey dental brand implants

As a patient-facing cosmetic clinic, we ensure our patients get the best brand of implants that brings satisfaction for life. These implants we offer are top of the class, and they come with a guarantee which lasts a lifetime. Here are some of our popularly used brands of implants:

  • Straumann
  • Dentsply
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Astra Tech
  • Cerec from Sirona
  • Alpha-Bio

How full mouth dental implant is done in Turkey

  • First, we assess your jawbone and design a model that fits your natural smile so that the end result will not be different from your real smile.
  • As part of our first step in this procedure, we will carry out a CT scan and panoramic x-ray.
  • Away from dental evaluation, x-rays and scans, our experienced dentist will your jaw structure and bone volume to see whether they can carry a full arc replacement.
  • With our advanced 3D imaging and tech, we have the advantage of designing beforehand the way your smile will look.
  • Done with that, our expert dentist will pick titanium stent implants that are a great fit for your jawbone.
  • Should there be any other treatment necessary prior to dental implant placement, like tooth removal, we will perform it the right way before moving ahead.
  • Yes, we don't fail to ensure our patients are comfortable during the implant procedure, which is why we administer local anaesthesia with or without needles prior to beginning treatment.
  • Next we move onto the osseointegration phase of treatment, where you will be fitted with temporary implants first, and your teeth will heal reasonably before the permanent implants are installed.
  • Our target at the end of the procedure is to restore bright, beautiful, younger-looking and natural teeth.

Cost for dental implant in Turkey

When it is that time to consider a destination for dental tourism and premium quality cosmetic procedures, Turkey comes first. Both diagnostic and treatment techniques in Turkey are of advanced standards, just like what is seen in developed countries. And Smile Makeover Turkey, is one clinic that offers the finest quality dental care at a moderate price and from the hands of some of the world's finest dental practitioners. We are a clinic fully compliant with the latest dental tech and methods and are a registered practice. A full mouth dental implant procedure cost will come down to what each patient needs, and the complete cost is captured in your treatment plan. We offer a zero-cost treatment plan, and you can get yours by simply asking.

Dental Implant types

1.Subperiosteal implant. This implant is shaped like a cage and designed from over the bone measurement. We don't choose this procedure as an alternative to full arc restoration.

2.Intramucousal implant. An implant type that works by using more retention on the prosthesis. Again, we don't subscribe to this implant type.

3.Endostal implant. For treatment of multiple tooth loss. This type of implant can be called a very standard type of full implant. There are 3 different classes of this implant.

4.Blade implant. Full implant replacement uses this type of implant. This one goes into the jawbone. When performing blade implant, we ensure there is a proper fusion between the titanium implant and jawbone.

5.Cylindrical implant. This type is made of titanium and shaped like a cylinder, and its integration with the jawbone is seamless.

We choose to use world-class titanium material for our full mouth dental implant procedure, and the reason is that titanium is very friendly to the body, teeth and gums.


As the installed implant takes to the jaw bone, healing begins. There are factors that foster the healing process: the technique used, implant brand, method of getting the implant taken to the jaw bone, and teeth care techniques.


Post operation, there are some effects that may be seen like swelling and redness - these makeup complications. However, at Smile Makeover Turkey, complications are low, and the surgery is successful. Possible complications that may present, especially if the procedure was done by poorly experienced doctors at ill-equipped clinics, may include loss of soft tissue, damage to the jawbone, and infection.

Bear in mind that full mouth dental implant is a delicate procedure only expert doctors should perform using highly compatible bio-materials. Just so you don't go through all this stress, our implants come with a lifetime guarantee plus a guarantee card. A professional dental practitioner, a top-class implant brand and a well-designed operation procedure will prevent any risks from happening. Schedule your full mouth dental implant procedure with us today.